General Dynamics exhibits MESHnet products at IDEX General Dynamics exhibits MESHnet products at IDEX



General Dynamics exhibits MESHnet products at IDEX

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Richard Fawcett, Director Land & Joint Solutions, General Dynamics Talking About MESHnet Products To Chaitali Bag ADU At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video).

Good afternoon, my name is Richard Fawcett, I’m a retired colonel for the Canadian army. I work for Mitchell systems international now and my part of mission systems is based out of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and we are a tactical communications company, amongst things we and brought here today to introduce our new product line called MESHnet V6.

We have two sizes of our smart display unit. This is a 12 inch unit and it’s typically used at a commander’s position, so it could be in a turret or the back of the vehicle, where there is more space and it just gives the same functionality but it gives a bigger viewing area. This would be a 10 inch display, this would be where there’s less space or typically in a drivers compartment, where there’s even less space, so it could just a drivers’ map or it could be showing the drivers what we call, drivers viewer. So a lot of time a driver who have a camera that’s outside the vehicle and this shows where the driver is going and then I’d say they don’t have space so it’s a smaller display.

We have picked IDEX to release this new product line because it’s ideal for the armies in the Middle East. It’s small so it’s easy to retrofit in the vehicles, it can be done in like I said, in different pieces so you could do one piece at a time or you could do just a few vehicles. Again, different sized vehicles, different needs so we can scale it to meet whatever the users’ needs are. Also many armies specially in the Middle East already have bought for example radios or they may have a preferred software application. We can configure this to use anyone’s radio and we can run multiple software applications on top of these devices so it’s ideal for the types of customers we find here.

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