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Fincantieri Middle East market is strong

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Achille Fulfaro, Vice President of Fincantieri and also General Manager of Etihad Ship Building company briefing Chaitali Bag ADU At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video)

Good morning, I’m Achille Fulfaro, I’m responsible for Fincantieri Middle East market development and Vice President of Fincantieri and also General Manager of Etihad Ship Building company, a local company, that Fincantieri created in UAE, in 2010. Fincantieri, is the world leader group in the area, Middle East region and all the other areas of the world, with 20 shipyards, all around the world, 20,000 employees, more than 80,000 sub contractors. We have different fields of business, military vessel, through its mega yatch, offshore and also naval services.

This is Falaj class, We delivered for UAE Navy as well. It’s another important program, we signed in 2009. We delivered the two vessels in 2015, on time, again and within the budget. This is a 60 metre stealth attack missile boat, with the complete suite of anti-air and anti-surface capability with different types of missiles, Exocet missiles &VL Mica missiles. We are now, in discussion with the navy, for an evolution of this design, Falaj-3 design, starting from this well proven design. We expect to negotiate this, in the following months, also increasing the local content.

Ok, we will show you the Abu Dhabi class that was delivered in 2015, for UAE Navy. It was delivered on time and within the budget. It’s a 90 metre corvette, with complete anti-air, anti-surface and anti-submarine suite and now we are discussing, from this world proven design, a new vessel inside the Baniyas program with the Navy.

So, Fincantieri, in 2010 created a local joint venture, here, in ship building, just to support UAE navy, on the management of the fleet, we delivered in 2015 and also it became a pool, an attractive pool for the region. For the future, Fincantieri, just needs to increase the investment, in the region, want to increase the investment in the region, and also to support a lot of supply chain, as well as the local shipyard partners. This will be done for the future programs, where Fincantieri feels that, in terms of the world proven design, in terms of technical capabilities, in terms of know how and transfer of technology, we can be more than competitive for both Baniyas program and Falaj-3program, the new programs for the UAE Navy.

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