Jarrod Krull, Communications Manager, Northrop Grumman briefing on Bushmasters to Chaitali Bag ADU at IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video)

Good morning, I’m Jarrod Krull, with armament systems from Northrop Grumman. Our company armament systems makes the full family of chain guns known as the bushmaster chain gun. If you’re familiar with the Apache helicopter, we make every chain gun that’s on every Apache helicopter around the world and this is our full family of guns.

The one at the top is the Mark or the M230 LF push master chain gun and that is the one I spoke of, that is on every Apache helicopter in the world. That gun is also able to be put into a link fed configuration so that it can be fired from combat vehicles and it could also be fired from naval ships, a little bit lower, on the stand is our Mark 44 Bushmaster chain gun and that gun can be configured to be both a 30 millimetre and 40 millimetre gun system.

Okay the mark 44 bushmaster chain gun and 30 millimetre configuration has a maximum effective range of about 3000 metres in a maximum range of about 4000 metres. The M230 cannon has an effect maximum effective range of 1500 meters and a maximum range of about 3000 metres.