By Sangeeta Saxena

Parc de Expositions, Paris. 17 June 2024. Eurosatory welcomed the land defence sector, to which security and subsequently emergency services have been added over time. This is the 16th time the exhibition has opened its doors to the word defence forces and industry.

The defence side of the exhibition is dominated by platforms, weapons, and systems related to peer-to-peer opened its doors to  confrontation in a new multi-domain battlespace, all of which are related to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Another issue is the need to transition to an industry model that can sustain a protracted conflict, which was not well anticipated because most predictions were made for wars that would last a few months rather than years. Just two examples include the requirement to produce more ammo and to deploy more platforms. The role of police and security personnel is crucial in this unpredictable society.