Charan Singh, Executive Director (Radar)& Unit Head, Bharat Electronics Ltd. In A Monologue Interview with Sangeeta Saxena Editor ADU At EDEX 2018 (Transcribed Video)

“Good afternoon, I am Charan Singh, Executive director, BEL, Ghaziabad.  I will tell you how BEL is configured.  BEL has almost 10000 people with 10000+ crore turnover and BEL is spending more than 10% into R&D investment. So we are designing our own equipment, systems, sub systems and BEL has almost 400 products. We deal into all kinds of censors to meet the defence services’ requirements and all our censors whether they are RADARS, SONARS,  Electro Optic systems , Communication  or Electronic Warfare Equipment. Now let me share with you that actually we had been supplying to Indian forces and now with a keen interest from the Government of India, from Ministry of Defence  we are all out to export the variants of these equipment to the world and for that actually we have opened five new marketing offices, some are already open and some are in the process of opening by March 2019 which is the target we have to open.

We have already opened in Vietnam, Myanmar is going to open shortly. Oman and Sri Lanka will open so BEL has got a big thrust on all spots and all equipment. They are Indian make and when we say Make in India, we understand that all what we have developed, designed and manufactured, we should export. This is the aim and this is how we are going for it. So we are here in Egypt with the same aim  and at EDEX  we have got plenty of equipment. We have targeted a few equipment just to make a headway like the low weapon locating radar for which now, we are in talks with the Government of Egypt.

Another equipment in the coastal surveillance system, we are in talks with the Egyptian Navy, so hopefully we will be making higher level of talks. Today we have spoken to some people, tomorrow, they have scheduled a meeting, and we are very hopeful that few equipment we will be able to reach to the next higher level so our aim is through Oman marketing Office will be taking care of as of now the Egyptian region also but in future we feel if there is a need we can have a separate office here in Egypt.

So here in EDEX we have come with an aim to translate these talks into business and we are sure that our equipment, the kind of technology, reliability, quality, maintenance, training support, the kind of training modules we have developed for Indian forces will suit Egyptian forces. We have already spoken to some companies and they wanted series production rather a licensed product here to be done in Egypt. And also ministry of defence has cleared that TOT to be given to Egyptian companies so we are really very interested and confident that something will materialise in these few chosen areas we have targeted for EDEX. EDEX being the first exhibition in Egypt it will be a great achievement.”