Courtesy: ILA goes digitalwebsite

Munich. 13 July 2020. In today’s conflicts, no one goes alone. Already in service and operationally proven, the EA-18G Growler uses broadband jamming capabilities to give commanders the capabilities they need to ensure freedom of air navigation across the entire range of military operations including defensive counter air, suppression of enemy air defenses, force protection, and reconnaissance.

Based on the F/A-18 platform, the Growler shares over 90 percent of the Super Hornet’s common components and systems to ensure sustainability and maintainability for low total ownership life cycle costs. Additionally, recent funding for Block II technologies by the U.S. Navy ensure next-generation capabilities including Conformal Fuel Tanks, an Advanced Cockpit System and upgraded Electronic Warfare for the next several decades.

Boeing has significant experience in partnering with local industry to provide support and training throughout the lifecycle of the aircraft. Boeing continuously expands its supply chain network to provide the owner, operator and maintainer the highest levels of support available which will also contribute to the local economy. Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and GE support the Super Hornet/Growler platforms around the world through the Hornet Industry Team (HIT) partnership. This team, in partnership with the U.S. Navy and the German Luftwaffe, is able to drive innovation, expanding skills development and furthering key industrial capabilities that deliver meaningful sustainable economic benefits to local industry.

Together with its German industry partners, Boeing, its F/A-18 Super Hornet Block III and its EA-18G Growler are ready to serve the Luftwaffe today, tomorrow and for decades to come. With more than 800 Super Hornets and 160 Growlers delivered to date, the combination of the modern, combat-proven F/A-18 with the advanced electronic attack EA-18 are the most capable solution to safeguard the integrity of Germany’s air space and protect the country from air attacks while fulfilling Germany’s dual capable aircraft (DCA) mission requirements.

Boeing is committed to satisfying the requirements of the Tornado Replacement Program, contributing to the development of Germany’s Essential Security Interests (ESI) and providing unparalleled opportunities for German industry.