Hampshire, UK. 24 September 2020. DTC Communications Inc. (DTC) delivers MANET Mesh radios for a successful End-User trial in a subterranean / underground and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) environment.  DTC radios live streamed 6 dismounted Video and Voice feeds from the P4 Basement of a shopping mall to L2, some 6 floors above, and to a Command Post 400m outside.

Juan A. Navarro, CEO, DTC, says “This was truly great work by our “Make-in-India” partners Brij Systems Limited and Exicom Technologies India LLP.”  

DTC’s technology delivers Mission Critical, Secure, Tactical Data, Video and Voice comms providing real-time Shared Situational Awareness (SSA) for Assault Teams and Special Operations. The OEM solution was designed and engineered specifically for Exicom Technologies in the DTC UK facility.

Sandeep Agarwal Chairman of Exicom Technologies LLP of Mumbai said “over the past 2 years we have benchmarked many suppliers of Manet Mesh Radios and have not found one, other than DTC, that could perform in such challenging environments while delivering high quality video, data and voice with extremely low latency.” DTC consistently outperforms others in industry due to their innovative Waveforms, specifically MeshUltra.

“We value our partnership with Brij and Exicom, and find it rewarding to see the performance that both companies have achieved based upon DTC technology,” says Juan A. Navarro.

The MeshUltra COFDM waveform is MiMo-capable and extremely spectrally efficient. DTC can offer up to 87Mbps in 20MHz channels and up to 5.6 Mbps in a narrow 1.25MHz channel – over ten times the throughput of some industry solutions in “like for like” bandwidths.

Most MANET Mesh radios employ a “contention based” Carrier Sensed Multiple Access (CSMA) mechanism which is subject to self-interference as well as very variable latency. DTC MeshUltra utilizes a Token-based managed channel access mechanism which completely removes self- interference and allows DTC networks to operate extremely efficiently with low and predictable latency.