In adherence to Government’s nationwide campaign on Swachhata  to instil cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace and its surroundings,  the Department of Military Affairs (DMA) continued to organise a pan India  cleanliness campaign  during the period from Nov 2022 to Aug 2023 . A total of 12 cleanliness campaigns were held across the country, 1157 files  reviewed, out of which 872 files closed as these have completed their retention period. In addition, 5763 RTI applications, 603 RTI appeals, 4231 CPGRAMS grievances, 784 CPGRAMS appeals and 05 grievances have been disposed of during the period. These campaigns have significantly contributed to the enhancement of workplace experience, space management, and a healthy working atmosphere, while also generating revenue

DMA had been a leading performer during the Special Campaign 2.0 on Swachhata undertaken during October 2022 with cleanliness drives held at 2668 campaign sites and 398 rules simplified by various organisations under DMA. A revenue of 212.68 Crores was generated from the disposal and sale of scrap. In respect of Record Management, 845435 physical files were reviewed and 269132 files were closed in October 2022 as these had completed their retention  period. In addition, a space of 1.85,887 sq ft was effectively freed.

The activities were continued beyond Special Campaign 2.0 and directions were issued to all attached/ subordinate offices to dedicate three hours per week for Swachhata related activities.

As the Raksha Mantri has acknowledged last year, the cleanliness drive initiated by Mahatma Gandhi has evolved into a nationwide movement under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, transcending geographical boundaries and permeating into every nook and corner of our country.