New Delhi. 13 December 2022. ” As per the information received from Government of Uttar Pradesh for UPDIC, 105 Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) have been signed with industries etc. worth potential investments of Rs 12,139 crore. Already, Rs 2,422 crore have been invested in UPDIC. Total 1,608 Hectare of land has been acquired for development of UPDIC. Further, as per the information received from Government of Tamil Nadu for TNDIC, arrangements have been made through Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) etc. for potential investment of Rs 11,794 crore by 53 industries. Rs 3,847 crore have already been invested in TNDIC. Total 910 Hectare of lands has been acquired for development of TNDIC, ” informed MoS(Defence) Ajay Bhatt in a written reply to GVL Narasimha Rao in Rajya Sabha.

To achieve Aatmanirbharta and realise the goal of ‘Make in India’, Government of India has established two Defence Industrial Corridors (DICs) in the country, one in Uttar Pradesh and other in Tamil Nadu. 06 (six) nodes viz. Agra, Aligarh, Chitrakoot, Jhansi, Kanpur and Lucknow have been identified for developing Uttar Pradesh Defence Industrial Corridor (UPDIC). Similarly, 05 (five) nodes viz. Chennai, Coimbatore, Hosur, Salem, and Tiruchirappalli identified for developing Tamil Nadu Defence Industrial Corridor (TNDIC). Government intends to develop defence manufacturing ecosystem having conducive conditions including supply chain for giving push to production and testing & certification to create economies of scale and facilitate development of internationally competitive enterprises in the country.