New Delhi. 12 October 2021. Utkarsh – Unnati ki Udaan is the initiative was started to empower and encourage women to work. Most of the dependents suffer a setback in their career path due to frequent posting and family travel obligations. The aims is to offer a unique career opportunity with the concept of work from home, thereby guiding, encouraging, and empowering these women to start or restart their careers.

This program aims to create a diverse pool of talented women whose skills can cater to the needs of udChalo. Under this program, there are several batches of selected women who gain access to online training and professional development by experienced udChalo employees, to enable them to regain their self-confidence and strike work-life balance.

AWWA (Army Wives Welfare Association) has acknowledged the initiative, posted it on their own website and is closely working with udChalo as it empowers women across the defence sector resume work with dignity and pride. The team in the last six months have seen a significant growth.

udChalo is a leading Consumer Technology Company which started its operations in 2015 to make life simpler for soldiers. The co-founder and CEO of the company Ravi Kumar, along with Varun Jain, President (product tech) discovered this concept of creating specific travel products and services to fulfil the demands of soldiers.

The company has grown exponentially, caters to more than 2.8 million active Defence Personnel, and also supports Veterans and dependents. The company has witnessed a phenomenal growth of 450% CAGR in the last 5 years (Pre-pandemic).

It all started with a noble idea to support the armed forces who end up traveling last minute due to the sudden leave sanctions/ cancellations. These unplanned trips cause a lot of discomfort with unreserved train tickets and option of flying will cost a hole in their pocket. To ease their travel issues, udChalo created a new segment for the aviation industry by introducing these army soldiers by booking flight tickets for them at lucrative prices. Initially less than 50 soldiers used to avail these services, but now over 5,000 use these facilities every day.

To ease the customer base, physical outreach centres were opened across the country especially in areas where internet connectivity was a prime issue. 70 such physical centres located even at remote areas like Uri, Impahl, Kupwara cater to our soldiers along with the online portal. These centres are completely managed by soldiers and their dependants. udChalo even aimed to provide employment to the dependants, it hence has over 50% employees who comprise of Veterans, Dependants and Veer Naris.

To further provide a holistic and accessible solutions, udChalo launched services like Consumer Electronics, Utility Bill Payments and Financial Services specifically catering to the armed forced.