St-Aubin-sur-Gaillon. 15 June 2019. Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group, whose head offices are based in the Eure Department of Normandy, is participating in the Paris Air Show 2019, where it will be presenting its latest news and innovations. The company, which specializes in manufacturing plastic and composite technical parts, does 30% of its business with the aeronautical sector.

Launch of the Atelier Dedienne 3D for the production of functional parts in small and medium sized series

Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group has always worked with a continuous flow of innovations. Within that context, the Group is in the process of establishing a complete additive manufacturing (3D printing) workshop, beginning with the prototyping phase of course, but above all for the production of small and medium sized production runs. In April 2019, a new machine was installed, enabling serial additive manufacturing using Polyamide 11 (P11), made from castor oil. It represented an investment of €350,000. Two additional machines will be added to the workshop later this year, for a total investment in excess of €1 million.

Additive manufacturing is the new industrial revolution

It is a set of processes used to manufacture a physical object based on a digital object, layer by layer or by adding material. It has reinvented and above all accelerated the industrial process, from design to production (of high quality functional parts, up to 10 times faster than in traditional mode).

There are many benefits to 3D additive manufacturing:

  • Creation and production of products which cannot be made using conventional processes;
  • Time saved and accelerated releases to market;
  • Reduced cost of prototyping and manufacturing small and medium sized series of products;
  • Simplified production of complex shapes, assembled directly as an output of printing;
  • Infinite possibilities for product personalization;
  • Production of functional parts of superior quality, in extremely precise dimensions, with optimal mechanical properties.

Presentation of the expertise of Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group in terms of metal replacement with high performance plastics and composites

There are many benefits to replacing metal with HPP (High Performance Polymer) plastics, including improved weight and mass, as well as recyclability. On its stand, Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group will be presenting multiple HPP parts for the aeronautical sector.

Presentation of Vespel®, the very top of the line in plastic materials, produced via an exclusive partnership with DuPontTM

Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group will be in Le Bourget, on a stand shared with DuPontTM, to present parts and shapes made of Vespel® S polyimides, the very top of the line in plastic materials, invented to travel to the moon. More than 20 years ago, DuPontTM chose Dedienne Multiplasturgy® Group to be the exclusive distributor of Vespel® in France. Some examples of applications for Vespel® in the aeronautical sector: bushing and washers for variable compressor vanes, sealing (valve seats and seal rings), self-locking aerospace fasteners, spline couplings and compressor shrouds.