Ottawa. 31 May 018.  Curtiss-Wright highlights its Safety Certifiable Avionics Technology, and Ship-to-Ship Communications, Helicopter Securing/Traversing systems and Underwater Sensor Handling Solutions  at CANSEC 2018.

“Curtiss-Wright is proud to support numerous Canadian defense platforms with our cost-effective advanced electronics and rugged system solutions,” said Lynn Bamford, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Defense Solutions division. “At CANSEC 2018 we are showcasing a wide range of our technologies and capabilities ideal for supporting important defense programs such as the Future Fighter Capability and the Canadian Surface Combatant.”

Demonstrating Safety Certifiable Avionics Technology

At CANSEC, Curtiss-Wright  is demonstrating a COTS-based Safety Certifiable Mission Computer System running Situational Awareness Software. The Centrion™ system supports DO-178C/ED-12C certifiable digital mapping, and tactical information and Synthetic Vision System (SVS) applications, all running on a DO-254/ED-80 safety certifiable mission computer. Available from HENSOLDT and Curtiss-Wright, this rugged mission computer is built with cost-effective OpenVPX™ COTS building blocks, including Curtiss-Wright’s VPX3-150 and VPX3-1220 single board computers (SBC), a VPX3-718 graphics module, and a VPX3-611 I/O card. The demonstration also features Curtiss-Wright’s rugged AVDU5500 and AVDU2600 LCD touch screen mission displays.

Curtiss-Wright recently demonstrated its DO-254 DAL A safety certifiable VPX3-152 and VPX3-1258 SBCs running Green Hills Software’s industry-leading INTEGRITY®-178 Time-Variant Unified Multi-Processing (tuMP™) real-time multicore operating system. The INTEGRITY-178 tuMP operating system has successfully met the DO-178 DAL A certification objectives multiple times across several different multicore SOC architectures, with each SOC having a different core design.

Lowering the Cost of Safety Certifiable Solutions

To ease and speed the development of safety certifiable avionics, Curtiss-Wright collaborates with Mannarino Systems & Software (MANNARINO), headquartered in Saint-Laurent, QC, a leading provider of safety-critical systems, software and electronic hardware engineering services. This strategic partnership greatly expands the capabilities and services available to system designers developing COTS-based DO-254 airborne electronic hardware (AEH) and DO-178B/C software-based safety-certifiable avionics solutions. MANNARINO provides Curtiss-Wright and its customers with safety-certifiable software, systems integration support (including the development of life cycle data artifact kits), and expert guidance through safety certification processes, further strengthening Curtiss-Wright’s leadership position as a supplier of open architecture-based secure and safety-critical subsystems for Aerospace and Defense platforms.

Showcasing Ship-to-Ship Communications Solutions

Curtiss-Wright will also highlight a new rugged COTS-based processing system designed to support ship-to-ship communications via the Link 11, Link 16 and Link 22 tactical data link protocols. This modern open architecture solution is ideal for upgrading shipboard tactical communications, and eases the integration of next-generation technologies to provide all allied vessels in the fleet with an integrated battlespace view while sharing situational awareness data in realtime.

Naval Helicopter Securing/Traversing systems and Underwater Sensor Handling

Highlighting a wide range of products for naval applications developed by its INDAL Technologies business unit (Mississauga, Ontario), Curtiss-Wright will display advanced industry-leading shipboard helicopter securing and traversing systems, and underwater sensor handling technologies. Featured will be INDAL’s new Towed Sonar Winch and Handling System technology. INDAL’s proven solutions are deployed on the Halifax-class frigates, and other naval platforms around the world.