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 New Delhi.  Mar 10, 2016. The Indian Air Force of today has evolved into a capable force to reckon with. From the days of flying vintage aircraft like the Tiger Moth and the Harvard, the Indian Air Force has transformed itself into a modern fighting force. While upgrading its inventory in terms of aerial platforms, sensors and weapon systems, the IAF has also simultaneously improved upon the capabilities of the ‘human behind the machine’ whilst rightfully upholding its mission statement, “People First, Mission Always”.

The Indian Air Force would demonstrate its Combat and fire power capabilities at Pokhran on 18 Mar 16.  This mammoth exercise in the Thar Desert would involve the participation of 181 aircraft departing from multiple bases, and demonstrate a synchronized aerial ballet that would showcase its deadly combat capability over the entire spectrum of aerial operations. This exercise holds special significance as it represents the lethal face of the Indian Air Force in its pre-eminent role as the cutting edge of our nation’s military capability. The exercise shall showcase the journey of the IAF’s transformation over the years and cover its glorious history.

Glimpses of an exponential increase in the operational capabilities of the Air Force with focus on the concept of all weather, network centric operations, precision weapon delivery and ability to deliver lethal firepower would be on display during the exercise. The exercise shall also bring to light the multifaceted nature of Indian Air Force through its ability to showcase itself with aerobatic displays by modern combat aircraft like the Su-30 MKI, Sarang and the Surya Kiran Aerobatic team. Live demonstration by IAF Garuds and special heliborne operations shall be a ‘highlight of the proceedings of the event which shall straddle both day and night.

President of India Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister of India  Narendra Modi have consented to witness the proceedings of the exercise at Pokhran.