11 July 2016. New sensors to help identify unresolved causes of hypoxia like symptoms Orchard Park, New York – Cobham introduces at the Farnborough International Air Show 2016 (Hall 4, Stand G68) its prototype military physiological monitoring system in the form of breathing sensors. These sensors are the foundation of a life support system that will predict and protect fighter pilots from the effects of unperceivable, debilitating hypoxia like symptoms before they occur.  Featuring on-board data storage, Cobham’s inhalation and exhalation monitoring modules will assess the pilot’s breathing to detect if sufficient oxygen is being delivered.

Should a problem arise, the sensors will capture data needed to help identify root cause. “Cobham is committed to working closely with the US Air Force, as well as the US Navy, to determine root cause of the perplexing hypoxia like symptoms that continue to go unresolved,” said Stuart Buckley, Senior Director, Business Development and Sales at Cobham Mission Systems.

“These breathing sensors are built upon our licensed gas sensing technology and will capture the data needed to help identify and ultimately prevent these symptoms from occurring.”

The inhalation module will be located on the end of the pilot’s mask breathing hose, while the exhalation module will be integrated with the mask exhalation port. Cobham, with its world leading, highly successful suite of On-Board Oxygen Generating Systems (OBOGS), pilot and aircraft mounted oxygen regulators, and parachutist oxygen systems, ultimately aims to be the leading provider of hypoxia management solutions.