Versailles. 23 May 2023 • In May 2023, the Czech Army took delivery of its first 6 TITUS out of the 62 ordered in 2019;
• 62 CAESAR 8×8 will enter in service in the Czech Army, with the first two prototypes to be delivered in     2024 for testing;
• Nexter maintains and develops strong partnerships with the Czech defence industry, in particular with the companies of the CSG (CzechoSlovak Group), and the STV company in the ammunition field.

TITUS, the Czech army’s new range of armoured vehicles

Ordered in 2019, the TITUS is produced in partnership with Czech industry, including CSG companies ELDIS and Tatra Defence Vehicle, as well as Tatra Trucks, the chassis supplier. This 6×6 vehicle is delivered to the Czech army in three versions: command post (CP), transmissions, and artillery fire coordination post. Characterized by its great modularity, the TITUS is also presented in a “120mm on-board mortar” version to IDET to meet the changing needs of the Czech army, the development of which could also be undertaken in partnership with CSG.

The CAESAR 8×8, a growing success

The relationship of trust between Nexter and the Czech Republic has been strengthened by the acquisition of 52 CAESAR 8×8 artillery systems for the Czech forces in 2021, supplemented in December 2022 by 10 additional units, bringing the total number of systems ordered to 62. As demonstrated by its numerous operational engagements, the CAESAR is a perfect solution for modern conflicts. Its 8×8 version incorporates a Tatra chassis renowned for its off-road capabilities and offers increased ammunition capacity (36 full rounds), loading assistance and enhanced cabin protection.

Partnerships to be strengthened

A key player in the Czech defence industry, CzechoSlovak Group (CSG) is a major partner of Nexter through its subsidiaries, including Tatra Trucks which supplies the TITUS and CAESAR 8×8 chassis. In addition, ELDIS is the local prime contractor under licence for the TITUS, the assembly-integration of which is carried out by Tatra Defence Vehicle. Other group companies such as Retia and Excalibur Army are involved in the CAESAR 8×8 programme, 40% of which is produced locally. Nexter reminds its openness to a development of its cooperation with CSG, within the framework of supporting the Czech armed forces in the renewal of their capabilities, in particular with a view to the development of new variants of the TITUS.