Ian Bell, VP & GM, Middle East & Asia Pacific, CAE Briefing To Chaitali Bag, ADU At IDEX 2019. (Transcribed Video).

Hello, I’m Ian Bell and I’m very privileged to be the Vice President and General Manager, CAE, Middle East and Asia Pacific, Defence and security. So here we are in the Middle East, which is a very strategically positioned for CAE and we consider ourselves to be very fortunate, having a wonderful portfolio of opportunities, both in the air domain and in the land domain and some of the other Middle East and our expansion in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, also the gulf states as well, of course, the entire region.

CAE considers itself to be extremely fortunate to be here at IDEX, which is by far the largest, most comprehensive defence show across the Middle East. And as everyone saw today that over 96 nations are represented at IDEX 2019. CAE is not just a local company but a global company. It’s very important that we are here to show our support and our enviable position is being fully integrated with the Emirati Defence Forces.

CAE Briefing To Chaitali Bag

We have a number of principal programs, the domains are distributed in the training program at the Naval training centre, where CAE was chosen by the UAE Navy to build a whole mission training centre which replicates the Navy and will allow individual seamen training and flotilla training for both shore station ships and naval ships at sea.

In the air domain, we maintain our position as a training solution for the remotely piloted aircraft, company becomes the training partner and we have a great program there for these developments (unmanned systems) with new generation helicopters training devices.

As many people know CAE is the world’s leading provider for aviation training and we bring today over 220 thousand air crew globally for both commercial and defence forces and we have such a wide network that we are able to bring skill sets that we’ve build over many years for very efficient training. We recognize that there is a hugely potential for both demographic changes and airlines operate around the world. CAE is in an investing position and we are investing, for our need, almost a billion dollars, over the next few years in the Middle East, efficient and reputed technologies to help meet both, pilot shortage demands but also to enhance, mission effectiveness for our defence  customers.

In particular we’ve already delivered to New Zealand air force, our new future, FTD, which is specific to helicopter operations in training in the commercial space. We have also enhanced our battalion in official environment giving much more effectively to help the instructors to train more effectively and become more mission ready.

On looking at the amount of data that we are able to generate CAE Rise, where we are able to gather all the training data across all our students and look at how we can best meet, more efficiently, like, blockages in training, how we can tailor, training in real time, by gathering real time data to enhance individual training, preventing the other tailor trained courses to meet the greater demand to be more efficiently effective.