New Delhi, September . Once more aerospace major Boeing is all set to show its commitment towards innovation, research and development. Together with Indian Institute of Technology Bombay it will convene a summit on aerospace innovation in New Delhi on Oct. 16, 2015.
Bringing together thought leaders and stakeholders from government, industry, academia and research institutions, the summit will focus on India’s role in the second century of aerospace by exploring ideas that are redefining the future of aerospace and examining the transformative nature of new technologies in space and aviation.
The event is part of a special series of forums and celebrations Boeing is organizing around the world as it approaches its centennial in 2016. The Boeing story began in 1916 after Bill Boeing flew in a barnstormer’s floatplane over Lake Washington, later remarking, “I think we can build a better one.”
“As we look to our second century in business, it is clear that India has the talent, technology and entrepreneurial resources to play a pivotal role in the evolution of the aerospace industry,” said Boeing Chairman Jim McNerney, who will participate in the summit. “Boeing is working with local companies to help strengthen all aspects of the Indian aerospace industry, including manufacturing, sourcing, engineering, and research and development.”
Government, industry and academia, added McNerney, play a central role in spurring innovation while helping to shape economic and business environments around the world.
Pratyush Kumar, president, Boeing India, said that with India’s aerospace sector ready to take off, New Delhi provides the perfect place to exchange ideas such as India’s disruptive technological innovation; how to create an aerospace environment to realize the full potential of “Make in India;” how space exploration will continue to change life on Earth; and, finally, what it takes to create a highly skilled aerospace manufacturing workforce.
“We are thrilled to convene this summit in India to accelerate the development of the aerospace sector, which is critical for meeting objectives of the ‘Make in India’ program and harnessing India’s full potential for aerospace and defense,” said Kumar.