Bengaluru. 17 December  2019.   AXISCADES has been selected by Airbus to work on Fuselage, Product development and Customer support services across different Airbus locations.This is the third time Airbus has selected  AXISCADES for critical engineering services and the contract was won amongst stiff global competition across major engineering services firms across the industry.

Since its incubation in 2011, the AXISCADES and Airbus engagement has evolved to cater to increasingly crucial projects with the aerospace major. Over the past few years, the company has been investing heavily in catering to new trends in the industry and has been delivering cutting edge services spanning different areas of aerospace engineering. 

Speaking on the win, AXISCADES chairman, David Bradley said “We are delighted that Airbus has made the decision to not just continue but increase the scope of work that we can support them with. Several trends have been redefining how aircrafts are designed and built and we have been able to adapt and build working cases that can be deployed onsite and off. We have worked hard to build a responsive model that not just brings value, but lowers the cost of production.”