Paris. 11 June 2018. As the show opens Atos the French major in battle management systems, tactical communications, cyber security, big data, ISR and homeland security, as a leading specialist of integrated mission systems, Atos covers the entire information chain.

These are information synthesis and processing with big data, decision support with command and control suite, resilient and secure field communication using tactical LTE and securing the tactical and strategic information chain.

On display are the following:

– Bull Battle Management System (Bull BMS), is the solution that ensures the sharing of tactical information available on the battlefield, especially the location of friends via blue force tracking. Bull BMS is the functional and technical basis of SICS (SCORPION combat information system), at the heart of the SCORPION program that will renew the equipment of the joint tactical battalions of the French army.

– Auxylium, the information, control and communication solution used by the French Armed Forces for domestic operations, co-developed by Atos and the French Ministry of Defence (MoD).

– Hoox for mission, is the Atos tactical 4G/LTE communication solution for intervention forces. Hoox for mission combines the power and usability of civilian smartphones with the confidentiality and resilience that security forces require

– AIR-LYNX private deployable LTE solutions. Air-Lynx is an innovative award-winning French vendor of deployable private LTE solutions acquired by Atos in April 2018.