Caracas, Venezuela. 15 August 2022. At the Terepaima training ground in Venezuela, the national team of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation carried out the last preparatory activities for participation in the Sniper Frontier international competition, which will be held in South America for the first time as part of the VIII International Army Games.

The 2022 International Army Games will run until August 27. During the games, it is planned to hold 34 international competitions on the territory of 12 states. On the basis of the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center, there is a fan club with thematic venues for all the competitions “ARMI-2022 ”

According to the results of the last draw at the starting stage, Russian masters of marksmanship will act under the second number. After receiving weapons and the necessary equipment, our servicemen checked its completeness, adjusted sights and zeroed sniper rifles to bring them to normal combat.

After the next medical examination, which is necessary for admission to the competition, the representatives of the national teams had classes on observing safety precautions during the passage of all stages.

It should be noted that the organizers of the competition provided an opportunity for all teams to get acquainted with the features and conditions of the competition, the boundaries for performing fire and combat training exercises, as well as the material and technical base of the Terepaima training ground.

The first stage of the competition – “Individual standings” – is held to determine the best sniper. The stage consists of seven exercises:

“Declare yourself”, “SV-2”, “Take out the aiming point”, “Uncomfortable positions”, “Sniper on the offensive”, “Yolka” and “Defense”.

This year, the fight for the right to get the title of the best sniper on the planet will take place from August 15 to 27 among representatives of Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Abkhazia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Myanmar.