Madrid. 27 April 2020. More than 500 Indra professionals are providing direct support on the ground for the work of the Armed Forces throughout Spain in their fight against COVID-19.

Through this team of professionals, Indra’s command and control technology and logistical information systems are providing the necessary support for the activities of the three Armed Forces, the UMEs (Military Emergency Units) and the Royal Guard, at a moment when organization is exceptionally complicated.

These activities are chiefly related to the disinfection of critical infrastructures (ports, airports and stations), healthcare facilities and stations, support during the setting up of field hospitals and the transport of various materials to healthcare locations and facilities, as well as the disinfection of 130 care homes and the transfer of the sick and elderly from hospitals to hotels converted to emergency hospitals.

Indra’s team of professionals is giving support with the maintenance of critical defence systems and the checking of electronic equipment for aircraft, ships and vehicles such as:

The maintenance and checking of the aircraft and helicopters responsible for distributing medical supplies throughout Spain, as well as the air transfer of the soldiers deployed to more than 1,000 towns and cities to disinfect critical infrastructures and care homes and erect field hospitals.

The maintenance of the systems of the Galicia, the ship which, equipped with a hospital, set sail to Melilla on 9th April to provide medical support and transport the soldiers who helped the local authorities with the disinfection tasks.

Likewise, Indra’s defence technology is facilitating the maintenance of the logistical information systems. These are necessary for the planning and control of materials, given that they make it easier for all the units to obtain spare parts and electronic components if they need them by activating warehouse logistics mechanisms, controlling stocks, shipping orders to suppliers and ensuring that every part and component reaches the place where it’s needed on time.

Indra’s professionals are also responsible for maintaining the radars and systems that protect Spanish airspace, and in recent weeks they have ensured that the air transport of goods has not been disrupted, providing support throughout the territory.

Indra’s technology also supports the UMEs deployed throughout the Spanish territory by means of the SIMGE (military emergency management system), which allows the commands to obtain all the information they require for their decision-making and the coordination of the troops’ activities.