Moscow. 20 August 2022. The Republic of Belarus, based at DOSAAF training centre, hosted the second stage of Confident Reception competition.

The competition is divided into five stages: “Confident Reception”, “Radio Communication”, “Radio Orienteering”, “Militarized Relay Race”, as well as, “Working on IT structure equipment”.

There were 10 countries taking part in the stage. The team consists of three radio telegraph servicemen. For the first time, women’s teams took part in the stage. Women’s division included servicemen from the Republic of Belarus and Uzbekistan.

In the second stage, the Russian Federation team took first place with 100 points. The Republic of Belarus took second place with 99 points. Third place was shared by Uzbekistan and Vietnam with 96 points each.

Military signalman of the Russian Federation, Warrant Officer Evgeny Pashnin, showed the best result of 160 characters per minute. It is worth noting that in 2019, Evgeny Pashnin made it into the Russian Armed Forces Book of Records. Pashnin’s radio reception speed is 300 characters per minute. World record. (For comparison, a normal radio operator’s mode of operation is 60 characters.)

According to the intermediate results of the two stages, the leading position in the table is held by the team from the Republic of Belarus with 199 points. In second position, the Russian Federation team with 173. Third place – Uzbekistan with 135 points.