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18th March in History

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  •     1167 Battle of El-Babein, Egypt: Franks under Amalrik vs Syrians
  •     1184 Battle of Ichi-no-Tani near Kobe, Japan
  •     1541 Hernando de Soto observes 1st recorded flood in America (Mississippi River)
  •     1781 Charles Messier rediscovers global cluster M92
  •     1793 2nd Battle at Neerwinden: Austria army beats France
  •     1793 The first republican state in Germany, the Republic of Mainz, is declared by Andreas Joseph Hofmann.
  •     1865 Battle of Wilson’s raid to Selma, AL
  •     1900 Japan uses its influence over the government of Korea to deny Russia’s efforts to   obtain a concession for a naval station at     the  Korean Port of Masampo, a step in the lead up to the Russo-Japanese war

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