New Delhi. 18 October 2019. To honour the services of one of the oldest surviving veteran of 9th GR, No 5832088 Havaldar Devi Lal Khattri (1/9 GR and 3/9 GR) was felicitated by Lt Gen AK Bhatt, UYSM, AVSM, SM, VSM, Military Secretary & Colonel 9th Gorkha Rifles and Maj Gen DA Chaturvedi, PVSM, AVSM, SM, ADG TA & Colonel 3rd Gorkha Rifles during the occasion of annual Barakhana for the veterans of 3rd GR and 9th GR at Birpur, Dehradun recently. 

Dehradun is the traditional home of 3rd and 9th Gorkhas as they had their Centre here at Birpur from 1932 to 1975. Many Gorkha soldier of yore from both the regiments have settled  in Dehradun. Every Dusshera the local 3rd or 9th Gorkha unit call the veterans for a Barakhana on the occasion of Dassain.

Havaldar Devi Lal Khattri was enrolled into 1/9 GR at Birpur on 30 Nov 1940. Later he was transferred to 3/9 GR where he served till he retired in 1958. He has seen active action on the Burma front in World War II. The Veteran was also part of operations in J&K, Nagaland & Assam post independence till 1958. He is decorated with two Burma Stars and J&K 1948 medals. The vetran was known to be polishing and prep his medals as a typical Gorkha soldier for the occassion.

Havaldar Devi Lal Khattri had a second career innings with Survey of India at Dehradun. The veteran is approaching his centenary and enjoys an active life style with disciplined routine. He resides with his family at Naya Gaon, Hathibarkala, Dehradun.