Jan-Dirk Hellwege, MD, Wescom Defence Briefing About Products At IDEX 2019 To Chaitali Bag ADU (Transcribed Video).

A very warm welcome to the Wescom booth. My name is Jan Dirk Hellwege. Wescom is a German based company, based in Germany. We have subsidiaries in Spain, in the UK and in Australia. We employ round about 140 people and to cut the story short we are pyromaniacs, we are doing pyrotechnics. The majority of our business is achieved in what we call, commercial pyrotechnics namely sea distress signals. Wescom is well known by its brand, Comet and Pains Wessex, but here at IDEX, we are presenting our military pyrotechnics. What you see behind me is one part of our defence portfolio.

Now speaking specifically about our military business, Wescom is very active in what you call signalling and illumination, men portable minefield breaching systems and in training and simulation, specifically here I would highlight within our spectrum of training and simulation, our ManPADS simulator, which is already fielded with many nations, especially in the United States, it’s a tool, a device to train helicopters, helicopter pilots. What is so special about this product, this product provides the signature of a ManPADS being fired, so it stimulates the launching phase of a rocket, you see a greyish smoke trail and the light output of a rocket motor. So what does it do from the prospective of the helicopter pilot? It shows the pilot, it trains a pilot, how it looks like when a ground to air missile is fired towards him, now he can train how to react in these cases, he can train the respective manoeuvres in order to avoid the missile hitting the helicopter. This truly adds value to his training and respectively the Her, training in case of missile attack.

We come here to Abu Dhabi, to IDEX for many years. So far it has been for us a good show. We have made new, very interesting and also promising contacts and we hope that this is going to continue over the next days. Thank you so much.