By Team ADU
Tel Aviv. 07 June 2017.
Equipment is always an asset but when it comes to face to face combat it becomes a necessity. In a world which is in a no-war but no-peace scenario and the concept of no-battles after sunset absolutely non-existent, the soldier of the infantry and the para- military forces needs to be well equipped for operations in the dark. And that is why his uniform must get an additional equipment-the weapon lights.

ISDEF 2017 had a major display of these lights. America’s SureFire attracted a lot of attention with its range of weapon lights . Designed for peak performance in the harshest environments, SureFire Handgun Weapon Lights are compact, recoil-proof due to their virtually indestructible LED emitter, attach securely to the integral pistol rail (adapters available for rail-less pistols), and produce a brilliant white beam.

The shotgun for end Weapon Lights replace the factory unit with a tough polymer for end featuring seamlessly integrated switching for easy, instant control over their blindingly bright beams.
SureFire manufactures an extensive line of Weapon Lights for rifles, carbines, and submachine guns. Whatever the mission requirements, whatever the weapon—from an M4 or M16 to a Mini-14—there is a light to meet the soldier’s need.

Another very important need for counter-insurgency operations is the WristLights. These utilize a high-performance LED and proprietary optic to create a wide beam of blinding white light capable of overwhelming an aggressor’s vision and providing enough illumination to clearly identify threats at close range. All from a compact, durable package about the size of a typical sports watch that’s easily activated and strapped securely to your support-hand wrist.

Helmet Light provides low-signature, night-vision friendly illumination for night navigation and close-quarter work like reading maps, loading gear, or repairing equipment in the field. Featuring virtually indestructible LEDs, the compact, weather proof Helmet Light produces white, coloured, and infrared output at multiple power levels. It clamps to the rim of TC 2000 MICH or similar helmets. Designed originally for military and SWAT applications, the lightweight Helmet Light is also an option for caving, climbing, construction, or search-and-rescue operations- all tasks which an army does.

Also the searchlights / spotlights displayed a very high lumen output, and a large-diameter reflector or TIR lens that creates a narrow beam for maximum reach and are designed for military and law enforcement applications.

The soldier of today and the future needs his personal equipment for close combat and SAR operations. Weapon Lights should be on the priority of all Armies and para military forces world over and very much in India.