Le Loroux-Bottereau, France. 04 June 2024. Turkish Airlines Flight Academy, the well-known subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, has once again chosen ALSIM as its trusted partner for its flight training needs by purchasing two AL172.

The ALSIM AL172, already certified as a FNPT II (EASA), is a replica of a brand-new Cessna 172SP Skyhawk with a real Garmin G1000 NXI and GFC700 autopilot.

The TAFA CEO, Assoc. Prof. İbrahim Zeki AKYURT, explains: “Turkish Airlines Flight Academy (TAFA) accelerated its quality and superior training with the aircraft, simulators and other requirements it acquired, aiming to train professional pilots in order to meet Turkish Airlines’ increasing need for qualified pilots. As a result of the research, we decided to supply two ALSIM AL172 simulators suitable for the desired flight training requirements and conditions. The reason we chose the AL172 simulator is that its cockpit is an exact replica of the Cessna 172SP Skyhawk NAV III aircraft and ALSIM offers proven and reliable FSTD models. We consider that it will make a high and valuable contribution to TAFA in training professional and well-trained pilots. On the other hand, it is pleasing that the ALSIM team quickly intervened in the solution of maintenance, technical support and malfunction issues.”

Leonardo Rodrigues, ALSIM Sales Manager, adds: “Instructors sit on simulators for thousands of hours, so we know that providing them comfort and ease-of-use is key. That’s why we spent so many hours perfecting our Instructor Station. We’re honored that Turkish Airlines Flight Academy recognized this effort by purchasing their two latest single-engine (SEP) simulators from ALSIM.”