Middlesex, UK. 10 November 2018. TMD Technologies Limited, world class, London based manufacturer of professional microwave and RF products, has introduced two new amplifiers to its advanced PTX range of microwave power modules (MPMs) for radar, EW and communications.

TMD’s two new amplifiers for radar offer over 50% efficiency improvement over earlier products.

Operating in the X band, the new TWT based PTX8430 and PTX8501 offer ultra-high efficiency, providing more than 50% improvement over the previous models. TMD has achieved this impressive performance by matching high efficiency TWT technology with TMD’s ultra-efficient power supply topology.

Designed for high power radar applications, on land, sea or air, these new MPMs have a power output of 1 kW over the frequency range 9-10 GHz – with duty cycles of 5 and 10% respectively and 55 dB gain. Prime power is 28 V DC.

Said TMD’s Head of Sales, Nigel Hann: “As a market leader we constantly monitor customer needs, and our development of high efficiency tube-based products is in direct response to a new and increasing requirement in radar – where solid state technology, despite its benefits, is proving to exhibit limitations in harsh military environments. This situation is particularly relevant to those higher power and duty applications where the inherent lower efficiency of solid state devices often results in temperature, prime power and associated performance related problems.”