Paris. 07 June 2018. “Child, what was the job of your dreams? ” To allow visitors to answer this question, Thales will propose them to put themselves in the shoes of a fighter jet pilot, an air force general, a globe-trotter, an airline pilot. , an astronaut and an airspace controller. The public will see how the Thales TrUE AI approach is transforming their environment and helping its customers, those who are moving the world forward, to make the right decisions in a context where, often, lives are at stake.

The Thales TrUE AI approach is based on transparent AI , in which users have access to the data used to reach a conclusion. An intelligible AI , which allows explaining and justifying the results, finally, an ethical IA, which follows standardized and objective protocols, legislation and human rights. This is the approach that characterizes Thales’s offer at the 2019 International Aeronautics and Space Show: an AI that leaves control to the human. To demonstrate this, the Group will take visitors on a journey of discovery showing how artificial intelligence will make our world safer, more efficient and, above all, put people at the center. This course will begin with a simple question: Child what is your dream job?

The digital revolution gives us insight into the potential of connected objects, cyber security, big data and artificial intelligence, but also the threats that come with them. Of these four pillars of digital technologies, none is more suggestive than artificial intelligence. Human beings tend to anthropomorphize abstract concepts, to give them a voice and a face. Also, few subjects have been as popularized in fiction as machines that rise up against humanity. This year, at the International Aeronautics and Space Show, Thales unveils the AI, to show that it must be viewed not with distrust but as it should be: transparent, intelligible and ethical . The Group will unveil its “Thales TrUE AI” approach.

This year, the Group will offer a series of lectures including: David Sadek, Director of Research in AI, who will explain the concept Thales TrUE AI and Sylvain Hourlier, one of the world’s leading experts in human-machine interfaces, who will talk about human factors in the cockpit of the future. The management of the drone ecosystem will also be on the agenda. These conferences, open to the general public, will be held at the Thales Pavilion.

Finally, the conferences will give pride of place to start-ups, including eOdyn, which upsets our understanding of ocean dynamics using Big Data, or Delfox, specialized in AI for aeronautics and defense.

 As part of strengthening its offering of AI, Thales also announced the acquisition of the company specializing in Psibernetix IA to contribute to the creation of certifiable AI. Originally made famous by its air combat application called ALPHA, which has consistently defeated the world’s best pilots in simulated air combat, Psibernetix is ​​a pioneer in computer-effective AI technologies. The acquisition will establish CA processes that are explainable for applications in security-critical environments.

New pioneering technologies unveiled this year

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