Captain Tania Sher Gill creates history

New Delhi. 15 January 2020. It is a day to remember and a day of one of the most memorable firsts in the Indian Army. Traditionally a bastion which has but reluctantly opened its gates to women, Indian Army gave an honour which would have been unthinkable even in the recent past to the women of the nation by making a woman lead the Army day Parade 2020. The decade started definitely with a two great firsts, the CDS and now Captain Tania Sher Gill who led the parade today.

Tania Sher Gill is a fourth-generation army officer, who joined the Corps of Signals of Army in 2017 after graduating from the Officers Training Academy in Chennai. She has completed B Tech Electronics & Communication. Her father was in 101 Med Regiment (Artillery), grandfather was from the 14th Armoured Regiment (Scinde Horse) and her great- grandfather was in the SIKH Regiment. A military lineage any girl would be proud of.

She led an all-men contingent as the Parade Adjutant making January 15 2020 a red letter day in military history of India. Last Year, Capt Bhavna Kasturi from ASC was the first woman officer to lead an all- men contingent on Republic Day.