New Delhi. 19 June 2020. Prime Minister of India just finished an all party meeting in order to discuss the situation in the India-China LAC violent faceoff on the night of 15th-16th June. These are the takeways from the Prime Minister’s closing address to the meeting.

  1. What China has done has angered the whole nation
  2. Army gave a befitting reply
  3. Our infrastructure in the area has grown by leaps & bounds
  4. They dare challenge us
  5. Heightened vigil at LAC troubled China
  6. Today no one can eye even an inch of our land
  7. None of our posts have been captured
  8. We did not let China enter our territory
  9. We lost 20 soldiers but they bravely protected the nation
  10. Our forces are capable of moving in each sector together.
  11. We have given a free hand to our forces.
  12. India wants peace and tranquility but our sovereignty is supreme.
  13. We have stressed on state-of-the-art arms and equipment and on missiles, fighters and helicopters.
  14. We can monitor areas which were inaccessible earlier.
  15. For national security whatever requirement needed will be given at great speed.
  16. Our forces have all capabilities
  17. Our soldiers taught them a lesson
  18. Patrolling has increased across LAC.
  19. Our soldiers hit back and stopped china’s entry
  20. We have sufficient capability to protect our borders
  21. Now we have infrastructure which makes it easier to get supplies to these areas