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Posts tagged as “NATO”

SPIKE SR missile demonstration in Estonia

Tel Aviv. 23 November 2020. The EDF (Estonian Defense Forces) has completed a firing of SPIKE SR (Short Range) missiles in a demonstration that took…

Northrop Grumman Delivers Fifth NATO RQ-4D Phoenix

Sigonella Air Base, Italy. 15 November 2020. Northrop Grumman Corporation successfully ferried the fifth NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) aircraft, via a non-stop transatlantic flight.…

Joe Biden wins US elections

USA doesn’t get Trumped New Delhi. 08 November 2020. America has made a choice for the next four years. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. born on…

ADU wishes the nation a very happy Navy Day. We are safe on ground because our Navy is in the waters. Salute to the Indian Navy.