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Posts tagged as “Aero India”

Aero India 2021 cut down to 3 business days

New Delhi. 23 December 2020. Happening for the first time – Aero India is being restricted to three business days and for the first time…

Lieutenant Commander, Ambika Hooda, P8-I Squadron

Indian Navy Lady Officer Felicitated At Aero India (Transcribed Interview) Good morning, I’m , from Indian Navy, Staff Observer in P8-I squadron. Today, on this day, I…

GVHL signs contract for H145 Airbus Helicopter

Bengaluru/Mumbai, March 05, 2019 – Airbus has signed a contract with Global Vectra Helicorp Limited (GVHL), India’s largest private sector rotorcraft operator, to deliver an H145…

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