New Delhi. 08 April 2022. In keeping with its commitment to contribute towards Atmanirbharta in Defence, Economic Explosives Ltd (EEL), a 100% subsidiary of Solar Industries India Ltd., has achieved another milestone in developing ‘Loitering Munitions’ and successfully testing it at high altitude in Ladakh in association with Z Motion Autonomous Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.

loitering munition

All 3 newly developed Loitering Munitions (LM0, LM1 and Hexacopter have successfully been tested in Nubra Valley area of Ladakh last month during 21-23 March 2022. While LM0, and LM1 achieved full endurance of 60 minutes, the hexacopter did 30 minutes flight, making it for the first time in the world the Man Portable Loiter Munitions with 4 Kg warhead have been successfully tested at flight ceiling of 4500m, thanks to the facilitation by Army Design Bureau.

For development of these high technology end systems Solar has been working closely with Z Motion Autonomous System Pvt. Ltd, a Bengaluru having expertise in the design and development of drones, UAVs, control, and communication systems etc. In a strategic decision Solar has announced an acquisition of 45% equity stake for an undisclosed consideration in Z Motion Autonomous System Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore. This investment will strengthen the Solar’s initiative of developing weaponized Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for offensive and Counter Drone systems for defensive role.

All these products have more than 80% indigenous contents and will meet global quality and safety standards. Moreover, these indigenous products will be economical by 40% compared to import which is the only option available as on date.

Battlefield is changing very rapidly with more technologically advanced and innovative systems being inducted by armed forces worldwide. Drones and UAVs based surveillance and loiter munitions have given new dimensions to warfare. To meet the aspirations of our armed forces Solar has diversified into the design and development of weaponised drones and UAVs as the strategic ammunition delivery systems. The system under development includes Drone based Gravity Drop Bombs, Loiter Munitions, Missiles on Drones etc which can carry a variety of explosive warheads to neutralize soft skinned targets in open, tanks & combat vehicles, civil fortifications, etc. In addition to this, Solar Industries is also developing Counter Drone Systems for engaging swarm of hostile drones through kinetic kill using killer drones and micro-missiles.