Singapore, 4 February 2018 . ST Engineering, Singapore’s homegrown global defence and engineering group will be showcasing its technology know-how, new and proven solutions, as well as battle-tested products at the coming Singapore Airshow 2018. Through an extensive display that sprawls over a 2,000 sqm space, trade visitors will learn more about the Group’s aerospace services and capabilities, as well as its world-class products and solutions for both defence and commercial customers in its other business sectors comprising electronics, land systems and marine. At the same time, members of the public can get to appreciate some of ST Engineering’s solutions that contribute to Singapore’s defence eco-system.

Organised into three clusters at its pavilion – Aviation, Defence and Smart City – the exhibits will feature smart technologies and their applications in new and enhanced solutions. Taking centrestage will be new ideas and proof of concepts developed by its team of engineers that seek out new frontiers when solving real-world problems.

Highlights of these solutions, many of which leverage robotics and artificial intelligence, include: an operating platform that is capable of integrating highly autonomous networks of drones to form a ‘Drone City’; vessels capable of carrying out maritime surveillance and high-value assets escort autonomously; and mobile robots which help automate logistics operations in industrial, healthcare, hospitality and other commercial environments. And for the first time, the Group will be presenting its military training solution through a Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) demonstration which integrates live “surrogate” trainers with Augmented Reality (AR) targets, virtual man-in-the-loop simulators and constructive simulation forces in a networked environment to enhance training realism, effectiveness and safety.

“As countries and businesses around the world adapt to the fourth industrial evolution and rethink the old way of doing things, our showcase at the airshow will demonstrate how we integrate our diverse capabilities and latest technologies to create robust and well-customised solutions for real-world problems,” said Mr Chew Men Leong, Chief Marketing Officer at ST Engineering. “Apart from keeping aircraft flying safely with industry’s leading engineering design and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) capabilities, our engineering solutions also strengthen security for communities and enhance livability of cities in an increasingly digital and borderless world.”

ST Engineering’s Pavilion at Singapore Airshow 2018
The theme of ST Engineering’s showcase is “Engineering Your Future”, which distills what the Group is about – applying innovation in engineering and technology to create robust possibilities and solutions so that their users can effectively meet the needs of the future.

The Aviation Cluster: Leading MRO capabilities and solutions leveraging smart technologies
As a world leader in commercial MRO services, ST Engineering will be presenting its wide range of solutions and aftermarket services for commercial airlines, airfreight and military operators. In the commercial aviation segment, it is showcasing solutions covering airframe, engine and component MRO, cabin interior retrofit and modification. Among the aviation displays are its in-house designed aircraft seats, passenger-to-freighter conversion offerings and C130 pilot training programmes. In the defence aviation segment, visitors will get to appreciate ST Engineering’s suite of military MRO and engineering capabilities across various airframe, component and engines platforms.

ST Engineering’s aerospace engineering and technological expertise will also be demonstrated through presentations of its Smart MRO initiatives on three broad fronts – digitisation & data analytics, automation and additive manufacturing, which not only serve to enhance its operations and services, but also benefit customers in cost savings and turnaround time. Being featured for the first time at the Singapore Airshow is an end-to-end drone-agnostic solution that is capable of integrating highly autonomous and multi-function networks of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Optimised for operating in the urban environment, it can be employed by users such as the police force and large-scale facilities management to enhance urban living, security and convenience.

The Defence cluster will demonstrate ST Engineering’s application of cutting-edge technologies across its businesses to offer improved solutions and possibilities that shape future fighting capability, modernise armed forces and enhance homeland security. With more solutions in the areas of unmanned interface, network connectivity and battlefield management systems, the Group can fulfill the increasing demand of armed forces for integrated defence solutions that do more with less to manage warfighters’ loads while yet maintaining an overmatch in combat capability. At the same time, some of these solutions can also provide superior law enforcement and protective security services for a safer and more secure living/working environment.

Existing solutions include battle-tested tracked and wheeled fighting platforms, as well as conventional arms and ammunition. Newer solutions include the Next Generation Armoured Fighting Vehicle that will be fielded in the near future with more fighting capabilities and key features such as independent commander’s sight; unmanned robots that can disarm targets remotely and provide immediate fire support in various battle scenarios; as well as new soldier systems that help address challenges faced by modern day warfighters so that they can have enhanced situational awareness, prolonged mission endurance and improved protection.

ST Engineering sees opportunities in, and has developed a wide range of smart city solutions in the areas of autonomous mobility solutions, public & cybersecurity, smart sensor networks, data and video analytics as well as robotic solutions among others, to enhance communications, mobility, public safety and security – solutions that result in improved public services and quality of life.

ST Engineering’s Smart City products and services at the show will showcase the Group’s deep expertise in smart-city solution suite that is developed from years of experience working with global partners across different sectors, including government agencies, master developers and city planners. Through exhibits that include an intelligent transport management system for minimising congestions while enhancing commuters’ travelling experience and a unique hardware-based cybersecurity solution that enables users to safely access secured and unsecured networks at the same time from a single computer, visitors will get to appreciate how ST Engineering’s solutions can address pressing challenges posed by a rapidly urbanising and connected world.