. The Armoured Corps/22nd Battalion, Rashtriya Rifles

. Posthumous

New Delhi. 27 January 2019. Sowar Vijay Kumar, 22 Rashtriya Rifles (PUNJAB) deployed at Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir, was part of “OPERATION VIJAY DARSU” conducted on 02 and 03 August 2018.

On 02 August 2018, based on input regarding presence of terrorists in village Darsu, an operation was launched. He was the guide of party that laid initial cordon and covered most likely escape route.  Around 0230 hours terrorists opened heavy fire towards his position to break cordon; undeterred he returned fire forcing terrorist to hide in maize field.  Around 0915 hours when search was being carried out by Major Varun Gaur, terrorist brought down heavy fire on the party.  Sensing danger to his comrades he came out in the open and directly engaged the terrorists, to cover the movement.  In the firefight he got injured but eliminated one terrorist.

Despite being injured he refused evacuation and under effective covering fire from his buddy he crawled forward and eliminated second terrorist in hand to hand combat.

For displaying indomitable raw courage and undaunting bravery beyond the call of duty in eliminating two hardcore terrorists, Sowar Vijay Kumar is awarded “KIRTI CHAKRA (POSTHUMOUS)”.