New Delhi. 08 July 2019. The Government is aware of acute shortage of medicines at ECHS (Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme) polyclinics especially in remote areas, informed MOS Defence Shripad Naik

Procurement, stocking and disbursement of medicines is carried out by DGAFMS through requisite fund allotted by Central Organisation, ECHS.  AFMS hospitals are operating medical store inventory management software, through which digital monitoring of the procurement, stocking and disbursement of medicines, including ECHS is being carried out.  In addition, “Dhanvantri” Software with Medical Stores (Expendable) Inventory Management Module with Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) Tools, has been installed in 10 AFMS hospitals till date. The same is being rolled out to other hospitals.  It is capable of managing the inventory expendable medical stores, for both serving and ECHS clientele of the Hospitals.

The disbursement to ECHS beneficiaries is carried out through Polyclinics. The Polyclinics have a local/digital inventory management system for the clinic.

Government has already issued order on 30.01.2019 allowing ECHS members to buy not-available medicines from local market on reimbursement basis.