Shaurya Chakra Lieutenant Colonel Vikrant Prasher 10th Battalion Shaurya Chakra Lieutenant Colonel Vikrant Prasher 10th Battalion



Shaurya Chakra Lieutenant Colonel Vikrant Prasher 10th Battalion the Parachute Regiment (Special Forces)

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New Delhi. 29 January 2019. Lieutenant Colonel Vikrant Prasher of 10 Parachute Regiment (Special Forces) led a small team to eliminate a hardcore terrorist.  

In August 2018, presence of category A++ terrorist was confirmed in a specific area in Central Kashmir. Lieutenant Colonel Prasher, alongwith three other ranks displaying extreme mental agility and situational awareness, closed in on the terrorists leader in a busy market place. Identifying the terrorist in the market was extremely challenging, and difficult to pinpoint their exact location.

Suddenly, Lieutenant Colonel Vikrant Prasher came face to face with the terrorists and firefight ensued with the groups of terrorists, at extremely close range. Reacting swiftly, unmindful of fire and risks, Lieutenant Colonel Vikrant Prasher skillfully and accurately eliminated the terrorist leader and had to dive for cover under the return fire while the other terrorists disappeared amongst the crowd. Lieutenant Colonel Prasher skillfully retrieved his small team from volatile crowd in quick time with tremendous professional grit.    

For displaying untranscended bravery, superior tactical expertise, ingenuity and unorthodox approach leading to surgical elimination of a category A++ terrorist commander, Lieutenant Colonel Vikrant Prasher is awarded “SHAURYA CHAKRA”.

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