La Spezia. 24 June 2018. It continued the Day dedicated to Mari with the slogan “Our Ocean, Our Future” on the afternoon of June 22. Seafuture fact wants to promote effective actions to create a network of expertise at national and international level and to further raise awareness on environmental issues. With this in mind we held the second part of the seminar on economic and scientific implications marine universe promoted by DLTM where they participated Walter Mazzitti, Ministry of Environment, Brando Benifei, MEP and Defense Committee, Enrico Granara, Minister Plenipotentiary Ambassador, Francesca COZZANI, President Confindustria La Spezia, Roberto Porcari, Scientific Director of DLTM.

Durations the afternoon was awarded the Premio Montale Out of House 2018 Sea Shepherd for the “Mediterranean”, the association that for 40 years has been fighting for the marine environment represented by Andrea Morello, president of Sea Shepherd Italy, that just Seafuture presented to the press on his book published by Skira Editore SpA with a huge success. Leonardo Spa, platinum sponsor of the event, organized the seminar on the development of drones and their use in military and maritime operations by highlighting the systems and of its production platforms such as AW HERO whose maritime surveillance capabilities will be deployed at OCEAN2020 the program.
The closing ceremony saw the commanding presence of the Minister of Defense Elisabeth Thirty accompanied by the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Claudio Graziano and the Chief of Staff of the Navy Valter Girardelli. The First Minister has welcomed the foreign delegations on the ship Amerigo Vespucci School is then paid a visit to the exhibition spaces. The ceremony was held at the Navy booth and was preceded by the awarding of the authors of the theses selected for the award of SEAFUTURE AWARDS 2018, addressed to graduates, graduate students, postdocs from the Italian academic world. The winner will be given a voucher for participation in the Summer School Bluegrowth (made by the University of Ghent – Belgium) in September 2018 month.
Cristiana Pagni occasion, President of IBG, thanked all institutions, exhibitors, sponsors, partners, young people have shared with you the vision that led to the creation of the event. He then presented the important issues of this edition: 177 between authorities and participating companies, 42 foreign delegations with 5 chiefs of staff of defense and navy, 4600 between visitors and exhibitors, 100 accredited journalists, 6,000 meters of exhibition area, 1490 meetings bilateral. The President expressed special thanks to the Italian Navy for the opening of the Naval Base to the city. Seafuture has tried to present a dual-use technologies for defense, for the environment, for human life and the preservation of the planet.
After the interventions of the military, the Minister of Defense Thirty Elizabeth thanked the organization and throughout the Marina Miliare emphasizing how our blue century must be characterized by sustainable growth and the importance of Made in Italy in the production of dual technology and environmental protection, declaring then officially closed the event.
Among the last acts of an event full of events, the Veleggiata in the National Park of Cinque Terre that started this morning by the Sailing School of Santa Teresa, La Spezia, with the motto: “Seafuture is here, for everybody!” Banner an inclusive and sensitive race to disability issues in the nautical field.
Officially closes the work of this Seafuture the FORUM 2018 EIEAD “The New Playgrounds of Industrial Power Global: The Eurasian Economic Union and the Black Sea Region”, the this year ‘s focus in the scenario of Vespucci School Ship will be the continent of the Union Eurasian economic and Black Sea Region intended as a new field of action of global industrial powers and will be widely discussed at the round table.