Digital Air Traffic Services

The first new airport in Sweden in 20 years will be inaugurated today, Scandinavian Mountains Airport in Sälen. Saab is providing the on-site camera tower in Sälen and digital air traffic control services from Saab’s remote tower centre in Sundsvall.

Scandinavian Mountains Airport has entrusted Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions (SDATS) to both install the system and remotely manage air traffic control from Sundsvall.

air traffic control

“One of the advantages of remote air traffic control is operational flexibility, which makes it easier for us to manage varying volumes of traffic over the seasons,” says Per Ahl, CEO of Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions. “Remote air traffic control is also safe and cost-effective. We are now providing a comprehensive concept to the first airport in the world with fully digital air traffic control.”

The contract covers the installation of Saab’s remote tower system at the airport in 2018/19, as well as the provision of air traffic control from Sundsvall for a period of 10 years starting December 2019. The airport mainly serves the ski resorts in the Sälen/Trysil area during the winter season.

“Saab’s Remote Tower technology and services were the natural choice for us when we built our airport,” says Gunnar Lenman, CEO of Scandinavian Mountains Airport. “It enables us to future-proof our business and ensure cost-effective and flexible services. Furthermore, we envision the airport playing a part in large-scale digital transition for our customers.”

Commissioning of the airport will take place during the 2019/20 winter season.

Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions is a joint venture between Saab and the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration (LFV). By combining LFV’s unique operational experience with Saab’s world-class technical solutions, Saab Digital Air Traffic Solutions can manage the entire process from planning and implementation to the administration of air traffic control services.