• Owing to insufficient capacity utilisation and expiring maintenance contracts, RUAG Aviation has decided to close its facilities at Bern-Belp Airport at the end of September 2018. The 22 employees at the Bern-Belp site 

4th June, 2018. At present, it is expected that a total of up to 13 jobs will be cut in Thun, Berne and Zurich-Seebach by the end of the year.

The operations of the RUAG Aviation division at the Bern-Belp site will cease due to insufficient profitability and a lack of potential new business. The non-renewal of important service agreements by the operators of the Dornier 328 passenger plane has further exacerbated the economic situation at the site. Despite intensive efforts, it was not possible to gain sufficient new business to compensate for the loss of these service agreements. RUAG Aviation has therefore decided to close its facilities at Bern-Belp Airport at the end of September. The 22 employees affected by the closure will be offered alternative jobs elsewhere in Switzerland. The staff and employee representatives have already been informed of the decision. In the coming weeks, potential opportunities and the next steps to be taken will be addressed in personal discussions with all the staff affected.

RUAG Defence to cut up to 13 jobs in, Thun, Berne and Zurich-Seebach by the end of 2018

Given the ongoing difficult situation with regard to business results, RUAG Defence finds itself compelled to further reduce overhead costs in the division as well as costs specific to the business and service units. In addition to the cost-cutting measures already introduced, such as the major restrictions imposed on travel costs, personnel reductions have, unfortunately, become unavoidable. Consequently, up to 13 jobs are to be cut by the end of the year. The savings this represents are imperative for further stabilising the company financially in the short and medium term and raising its competitiveness to the level at which it needs to be. The staff have been informed. Personal discussions with those affected by the measure will take place in the coming days, and RUAG will subsequently provide them with comprehensive professional support. All these measures are being implemented with the close involvement of the respective employee representative bodies.