Moscow, Russia.13 June 2019The Avtomatika Concern, part of Rostec State Corporation has developed and launched industrial computers and modules powered by Elbrus and MCST-R processors. The line of innovative hardware is intended for use in the systems of an enterprise’s production processes control. The use of locally produced elements allows the new technology to be applied at sites that require higher information security.

The project was implemented by I.S. Brooke Institute of Electronic Control Machines (part of the Avtomatika concern) and co-financed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The line includes six industrial computers and modules having various form factors and security degree. 

The computers are powered by two Russian-made microprocessor architectures: Elbrus and MCST-R. The hardware is designed to establish automated process control systems in various industry branches, as well as in energy engineering and transport infrastructure.

“The companies of Rostec State Corporation have extensive experience in designing and implementing their own solutions in crucial industries, such as nuclear power engineering, metro, railway transport. The main distinguishing feature of our IT systems is a high level of information security. That is why the new line of industrial computers can be used at enterprises having higher requirements in this area. I am confident that our products will become the basis for building critical digital infrastructure, which is reliable and entirely produced in Russia,” said Oleg Evtushenko, the Executive Director of Rostec.

The PC-2 computer is powered by Elbrus-1C + microprocessor featuring an embedded graphics controller. The model has a shockproof case with dust and moisture protection and conductive heat outflow from all elements of the system. Absence of movable parts and fans prolongs the useful life of the hardware and simplifies its maintenance. A similar case is used for the PC-1 industrial computer featuring a security degree of IP-65 and powered by MCST R1000 microprocessor.

The PC-3 model with Elbrus-1C+ microprocessor is produced in a fanless case and is intended for indoor use.

All three versions can be used as computer control systems of the upper and middle levels, data transmission gateways, to equip operator and dispatcher workstations.

In addition, the line includes the MP-16.2 and MP-18 modules powered by Elbrus-1C + microprocessor. The former model is used in the PC-3 industrial computer and represents a separate computing module, which is designed, among other things, to be embedded as a top-level controller into hard- and software complexes. RAM and permanent storage, as well as other elements, are soldered on a board, which makes MP-16.2 compact and resistant to vibration. The MP-18 processor module is suitable for integration into existing solutions that support the COM Express type 6 form factor.

Another novelty is PLC-1 programmable logic controller based on the Elbrus-1C + microprocessor, designed for the control of industrial machinery. It contains two processor modules, which can operate in a dubbing mode, making the hardware highly reliable and simplifying its repair and maintenance.

All models of industrial computers and controllers are run by Elbrus real-time operating system (RTOS). Orders for the supply of computers included in the new line are to be forwarded to I.S. Brooke INEUM.