Moscow. 17 March 2022. Ruselectronics Holding, State Corporation Rostec, presented a working prototype of a next generation simulator based on mixed reality technologies. The solution named Avatar employs both software and hardware by combining real and virtual objects. This can also serve to train staff engaged with various machinery used in manufacturing, aerospace and nuclear energy industries.

Simulators based on Avatar will become a new generation of training tools. They will maintain full-scale monitoring and assessing of trainees actions and monitoring the state of the equipment with which they interact. The simulator includes virtual reality glasses, motion sensors for hands and feet, and a computer placed in a backpack, allowing the user to move around freely.

Trainings are monitored through positioning devices that are placed on trainees and equipment and can register both moving and unmoving things, as well as through means of data transmission to the instructor’s workstation. The transmitted data are processed to assess the performance against tactical and special standards.

“The use of hybrid reality technologies can significantly increase training efficiency for high-tech staff. The project was named Avatar for a reason. The new software and hardware complex makes the user’s experience in the virtual world as natural as possible. Currently, a working prototype of the simulator has been manufactured. Next, a test model will be created and tested against the required range of tests, after which the Avatar supplies to customers can begin,” – said Sergey Sakhnenko, General Director of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (the managing company of Ruselektronics holding).

The project is implemented by Ryazan Radio Plant (part of Ruselectronics holding) together with The ERA Technopolis.