Paris . June 14, 2016. Raytheon UK and Milrem unveiled  an IED detection platform. This platform features THeMIS, an unmanned vehicle developed by Milrem and the GroundEye™ sensor system developed by Raytheon UK. The joint product can be seen in the Estonian pavilion.

The THeMIS (Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System) is the first fully modular hybrid unmanned ground vehicle in the world and with a payload of 750kg, the vehicle can be used for a wide variety of applications, including as a C-IED (Counter Improvised Explosive Device) platform.

“GroundEye™ offers a solution to the confirm and diagnose capability gap experienced on explosive ordnance and IED clearance operations”, said Andy Gibson, head of Land Systems, Defence, Raytheon UK,  “It is a significant step forward in manoeuvre support capability allowing for the maintenance of momentum and reducing unnecessary dismounted exposure. The system can be used in several forms and is platform agnostic. We are delighted to be integrated onto Milrem’s flexible and multi-purpose unmanned ground vehicle as a demonstration of this capability.

GroundEye™ is a new development in IED detection bringing the ability to confirm and diagnose buried threats. It is unique in offering a real-time imaging technology that can show the size, shape and orientation of explosive ordnance threats, including emplaced IED’s, without disturbing the ground. It is independent of any physical attributes of the emplaced device and is equally effective against targets that contain high, low or zero metal content. An autonomous UGV such as THeMIS is an ideal vehicle for the deployment of GroundEye™.

“Detecting and disarming IED’s is a natural role for unmanned vehicles. With its innovative modular and flexible approach, THeMis makes it possible to use the same UGV platform for multiple purposes,” explains Kuldar Väärsi, Milrem Chief Executive Officer. “We are thrilled to work with Raytheon to integrate THeMIS with highly accurate, real-time imaging technology from GroundEye™, bringing IED detection capabilities to a whole new level.”

Milrem unveiled the THeMIS platform in London during DSEI 2015. In February 2016 a new version of the THeMIS was introduced that featured the ADDER remote weapon station made by Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd. The joint product THeMIS ADDER was shown at the Singapore Airshow where it earned strong reviews for its modular concept.

Other military uses include as an armed tactical defence weapon, remote reconnaissance platform, medevac vehicle and supply delivery device. Milrem has successfully conducted initial running tests for the THeMIS prototype, and THeMIS will be ready for production by the end of this year.