Tel-a-Viv. 20 April 2022. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will participate at the IT²EC Exhibition in London conducting a first-ever live demonstration of its sophisticated ABS System – a Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) solution which is also being unveiled for the first time at a global exhibition. In addition, RAFAEL will present its advanced air defence training and simulation tools, most notably the Air Defence Optimizer (ADO). Both the ABS System and the ADO have a long-standing operational legacy.

As a multi-domain LVC solution RAFAEL’s ABS creates a comprehensive scenario at all levels of operation. The ABS integrates and links together all elements of the given scenario from a command and control headquarters straight to the live soldier. It also allows for joint-level and multi-national exercises which connect all military branches: army, air force, navy, intelligence and special forces. RAFAEL’s LVC solution provides the ability to truly exercise a real-life scenario from every possible dimension and includes a highly capable constructive system.

RAFAEL’s ABS is supported by an advanced doctrine engine which allows automation of real-time doctrines and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) on every level of the military echelon. The doctrine engine integration allows for a range of operational behaviors to be simulated from that of the individual soldier to the brigade level. The ABS capabilities are all operational and working 24/7 during exercises.

The Air Defence Optimizer (ADO) provides mission planning and rehearsal capabilities, assisting decision makers during real-time operations and enabling them to train using “what-if?” scenarios. The ADO is combat-proven and enhances multi-layered air defence capabilities by providing AI-based optimization of air defence array deployments and in-depth analysis tools based on high-fidelity simulations. The ADO utilizes AI algorithms and high-fidelity simulations to provide the modern air defender’ with tools to make accurate and effective decisions.

Other solutions that will be demonstrated include extended reality and game-based simulations as well as integrated weapon-system trainers that assist in creating well-trained air defenders that can operate, maintain, plan and make real-time decisions while ensuring that systems remain operationally available.