European Union, Pamiers, France . 12 June 2019. PYLOTE, a key player in the cleantech industrial mineral and ceramic chemistry, and MAPAERO, pioneer on water-based coatings, announced a partnership to provide innovative paint solutions for airplane cabin.

Following successful technical certification and regulatory compliance evaluations on aircraft industry standards, PYLOTE and MAPAERO will industrialize this new solution for aircrafts. Through a mutual referencing agreement, the partnership brings together PYLOTE’s breakthrough and sustainable innovation that protects travelers and crews from the risk of microbial contamination with the green water-based coatings expertise of MAPAERO.

This first worldwide-patented natural protection solution is a real competitive and innovative answer to he main risks occurred by passengers & crew in regard to contamination and/or infection by bacteria or virus onboard aircraft.

This full antimicrobial protection solution will bring unique benefits to passengers and crews, but also to airlines by simplifying their maintenance processes and thus reducing their costs.

  • Maintain microbiological hygiene throughout the whole cabin during the period of use.
  • No need for any disinfection inside the cabin.
  • Increase comfort & safety for passengers and crews preserving the fire standard test performance

Loïc Marchin, CEO of PYLOTE, commented this announcement: “This agreement with MAPAERO is a new illustration of our “Boost 2021” program to significantly increase our sales over the next three years, and a big step in our strategy to penetrate the transportation market by relying on the expertise of our partners. The combination of our expertise with that of MAPAERO is a leap forward in providing solutions today that are fully operational, responsible and safe, with an immediate impact on security and comfort for airplane travelers and crews. We intend to also develop this innovation in other materials and fields of transport industry, such as automotive or rail industries and more generally in cleanroom applications”

Eric Rumeau, CEO of MAPAERO, commented this announcement: “Aircraft is looking for innovations and we are proud to have designed with PYLOTE a robust solution to the aerospace cabins and cockpits environment. Smart coatings are today at the forefront of our customers’ expectations and this what this product delivers”

Both CEOs, Loïc Marchin for PYLOTE et Eric Rumeau for MAPAERO will present this partnership during a round table on the MAPAERO’s stand on Monday June 17th at 2:00 pm in the upcoming 53rd edition of the International Paris Air Show at Paris-Le Bourget