Greenwich, London. 12 September 2017. Protonex will be showcasing their world-leading PTX-series of intelligent power management solutions .

Ray Summers, Director of Military Sales at Protonex stated;

“The adoption of our power management solutions by USSOCOM – as well as all branches of the conventional US military – has proven the ruggedness, effectiveness, and ease-of-use of our technology. The application of our power management solutions to the needs of EOD, Medical, Directed Fires, Unmanned Systems, and SOF Communications teams in the US has also spread to international Allied unit test and evaluation programs. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from the field, we decided to participate in these highly regarded European events in order to showcase our solutions to an even wider audience.”

Protonex’s PTX line of rugged, intelligent, lightweight power management solutions includes the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager that dramatically reduces the number and variety of batteries needed by today’s warfighter; the ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger that allows end-users to charge all their batteries twice as fast, anywhere, and with half the energy; and the VPM-402 Vest Power Manager that manages both data and power for military communications and situational awareness systems.

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager has also recently achieved “Safe-To-Fly Certification” by the United States Air Force for C-130H “Hercules” and C-130J “Super Hercules”.  As the C-130 Hercules celebrated its 63rd birthday on August 23rd, this certification is particularly timely.

The Safe-To-Fly certification means that troops can plug their power managers into the aircraft’s power outlets while in-flight, without any danger of interference with the aircraft’s systems. With this capability in hand, troops can focus on their mission, reduce time spent dealing with batteries and shrink their overall equipment footprint. The award of this certification also enables medical personnel to utilize the SPM-622 Universal Austere Medical Power (UAMP) Kit to continue running lifesaving equipment during the flight phase of a medical evacuation.

PTX power management solutions from Protonex enable units to maintain constant operational effectiveness – while greatly reducing their battery burden and logistics footprint.