Longueuil, Quebec. 16 October 2019 . Pratt & Whitney has appointed Mapiex Aviation SA based in Panama as a new maintenance center authorized to ensure the maintenance of a number of PT6A engine models, PT6C and PT6T operated in Central America. Mapiex will maintain the track and will send necessary mobile repair team (MRT).

“The demand for PT6 turboshaft and turboprop intensifies in Central America, says Satheeshkumar Kumarasingam, Vice President, Customer Service, Pratt & Whitney Canada. We work with Mapiex for many years and we share the same commitment to quality and exceptional service to customers. “

Mapiex provide maintenance services for models PT6A-21 engines PT6A-27, PT6A-28, PT6A-34AG, PT6A-52, PT6A-60A, PT6A-114A, PT6A-135A PT6A-140A, PT6C-67C , PT6T-3B PT6T-3D and PT6T-3DF. Operators of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama will now count on Mapiex.

“Our customers have many needs that go beyond the overhaul of engines,” Mr. Kumarasingam. “Mapiex is the latest in our growing network of authorized service centers. It is thanks to this network we are able to locally meet the most frequent needs of our customers for maintenance on the track and, if applicable, for mobile repairs. “

This new authorized service center in addition to our global network growing up of more than 40 authorized service facilities or P & W properties. Earlier this year, Pratt & Whitney has appointed a service center operated by COHC Aviation Science & Technic Co. , formerly Citic Offshore Helicopter Co., Shenzhen in China for the maintenance of PT6C-67C helicopter engines powering the AW139 Leonardo . The company also recently integrated workshops in North America and South America, including two facilities being provided for the operators of the agricultural aviation sector, Portage Aircraft Maintenance in Canada and ABA Manutenção Aeronaves of Brazil and two Brazilian institutions for segments of general aviation and helicopters, respectively Rico Taxi Aereo and Helipark . With the addition of Mapiex, maintenance network Pratt & Whitney is now offering maintenance services on track and mobile repair across America.