Moscow. 27 August 2021. ARMY 2021 International Military-Technical Forum in Ussuriysk, which is the leading exhibition of weapons, military and special equipment in our country, solemnly opened at the Baranovsky training ground by the Ussuriysk separate guards airborne assault formation.

More than 40 samples of military and special equipment and weapons were presented to the guests.  All of them are the result of research and development by Russian scientists.

The paratroopers of the Ussuriysk Separate Airborne Assault Formation also take an active part in the Forum, who, within the framework of the static exposition, presented new and modern models of weapons, military and special equipment, as well as airborne equipment in service with the Airborne Troops.

The demonstration of weapons, military and special equipment is designed to raise the patriotic spirit of young people, to foster their interest in military service, and to help them decide on their future profession.

Also, in the program of the military-technical forum, a demonstration of army tactical shooting and the landing of athletes-paratroopers, as well as a concert of creative teams from Ussuriysk city were held.