Paris. 03 June 2017. ECA Group will now be supplying it’s under water drone A9-M to an undisclosed NATO country. With its very low magnetic and acoustic signature, the drone is particularly adapted for mine disposal diverse uses. Easily deployable from a small rigid-hulled inflatable boat (RHIB), it operates safely, close to the most sensible mines. This underwater robot, designed by ECA Group experts in navigation, communication or underwater imagery, complies with the most demanding specifications of NATO navies. It has been selected among different solutions for its compactness and its operational performances.
The A9-M can be proposed as a standalone system, but is also part of full Mine Warfare solutions based on unmanned vehicles. In this configuration, the detection and classification phases are performed by AUVs. ECA Group offers a large range of underwater drones, as A9-MA18-M and A27-M, to meet the specific needs of the Navies. Integrated in the Unmanned Mine Counter Measures Systems, they can be associated with Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and MDV (Mine Disposal Vehicles) such as SEASCAN MK2 and K-STER C for identification and neutralization phases.